A Message from our Administrator

angie.jpgDear Friends,

Thank you for showing interest in Halstad Living Center. We know how much you or your loved one wants to feel secure and happy, but we also know how stressful this process can be for you. If I could describe the spirit of what our nursing professionals have to offer, I would describe them as diligently attentive, thoughtful and driven by life's uplifting side. Their level of excellence incorporates the commitment of a lifetime of caring, together with a healthy appetite for fun and optimism. 

From day one, you will experience this fresh and revitalizing atmosphere. You will be assisted (in small doses and over several days, if need be) in meeting other residents and partaking in our activities and customized health care services.

Our goal in that preliminary period is to ensure that you feel reassured, secure and forward looking. Going that extra mile in achieving that is something our team lives by, day in and day out.

Once you meet our special team of caregivers, you'll be certain you have made the right choice. They truly are the friends and companions you need. For them, health care is a craft built on a foundation of trust, concern and kindness.

Finally, for us, this mission is ongoing. Our patient-focused approach ensures the culture of Halstad Living Center is unmatched in compassion, responsiveness and quality.

We look forward to meeting you!

Angie Nelson
Halstad Living Center Administrator