Wellness for Life

At Halstad Living Center, our wellness programs are for anyone looking to get on track towards a healthier lifestyle. Our programs include physical, social, vocational/professional, nutritional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental and emotional. Our residents are encouraged to include all aspects of wellness into their active lifestyles.

Our residents enjoy a wide range of activities and classes that can positively affect age-related conditions, such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, and depression. All programs are tailored to individual levels of ability, skill, and personal fitness goals. 

Wellness Classes

Arthritis Exercise: exercises that maintain joint flexibility, slow further deterioration of bone and cartilage, improve bone strength, and reduce joint stiffness and pain. These activities are chair-based.

Skills for Balance: a range of activities that address balance and bolster functional mobility and enhance lower body strength and stability.

Chair Exercise: strength, stretching, and balance exercises performed in both seated and standing positions. These exercises are chair-based.

Circuit Exercise: an efficient, 30-minute workout that combines weight training, aerobics, balance, and flexibility.

Gentle Yoga: movements, also called poses, focus on breath, posture, and body awareness. The poses produce greater strength, balance, and flexibility. Seated poses can be performed on a chair and standing poses are performed with the assistance of a chair.

Wellness Activities

The activities department highlights dimensions of wellness including: social, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, environmental, physical and vocational.

The activities department organizes wellness activities incorporating the Wii system using a series of video games that range from bowling and golf to balance practice with yoga moves. Social events and friendly competitions are sponsored by the Activities Department.

Table tennis, mind games and walking paths are additional resident wellness activities available at Halstad Living Center and Heritage House.